CorruptedGuest is the developer of Altered Haven and the sole scripter that works on the project, he has some helpers but they're not as active. CorruptedGuest apparently is a narcissist because he's writing this right now, but anyway. CorruptedGuest has been and still is the main developer of Altered Haven, he gets all the behind the scenes coding done and also manages the discord along with the other staff members.


  • CorruptedGuest has stated multiple times that he hates working on the RebirthHandler, RealisticTimeOfDay and ChatScripts the most, they break the most and are the most tedious to fix.
  • CorruptedGuest is based in the EU, it is unknown where.
  • CorruptedGuest made his own crate, and it was the first one that happened to be able to take away boxes.
  • He has stated multiple times that he sucks at building and his computer also cannot see unions or meshes very well, hence he has others to judge submissions.