"A computer specializing in catching and detaining of intruders of code, thanks for reporting dirty no good hackers. Built by Elementninja645"

The Intruder Detection Unit is a Collectible tiered upgrader, only given to the most elite hacker reporters in the AH Community. This item is nice for giving a little boost to the beginning or the end of a loop.


  • Only two people own this currently (6/22/18), being g_lyph and TheSydron. KanoZ affects the multiplier of the item as a running joke of him being a "dirty hacker" for getting two Void Items before life 500, this also lead to the need for life 500 before getting them.
  • This item also has a unique property, determining on the amount of hackers the person has reported. The base multiplier is x2, getting boosted by x1 every time you report a hacker.
  • This item also has another unique property, determining on who is in the server at the time. If g_lyph is in the server, the upgrader will do x5 and have no override. The other person who owns this and KanoZ will take lower priority determining on the amount of people they've reported.
  • This item has a typo, stating "... of intruders of code" which I (g_lyph) looks a little dumb in a sentence.